Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Story - Year Thirteen

This is the third time I've started writing this post.  I'm having a hard time writing this one, in particular, because I kind of feel like "What have I not  already covered about this year here in the blog?"   And the thing that sticks out most in my head, that hasn't been written about, is something I don't feel at liberty to talk about.  You're on the edge of your seat now, aren't you?  lol   Sorry, I've touched on it just barely in one or two other posts from this past year so you get Bonus Points if you can find out what it is I'm referring to!  

Our year started out really rough last year and then it all got glossed over and everyone has done their best to sand out the splinters about this particular issue and so, for the moment anyhow, it all appears smooth.  We can hope and pray that it will remain this way but it doesn't mean that the wood is any less warped than it was before. I'm of the opinion that the issue goes much deeper and will probably have to be faced head on one day and I'm hoping that all involved will rise up stronger because of it.

But, as the year has progressed, Brian and I have gone on living this beautiful life and we've had a lot of fun this year in spite of the rocky start.  We had one of the best summers on record and took several little day trips and had at least one "field trip" each week and spent lots of time together as a family.

And this year I've learned so much about photography and baking and I'm just enjoying being creative again.

We now have three children in elementary school and Landon is in preschool two days a week which gives me a whole 6 hours each week to get something done around the house without interruptions!  And we're still making some adjustments and getting organized about keeping up with that much homework and special projects and extra-special parties at school but we're getting a grip on it.

This year really has been overall one of our very best.  I take that back.  They've all been equally incredible; because each year I've learned something new - something new about Brian, something new about our families, something new about marriage, something new about children and, most often, something new about myself.

When I set out to write these posts I figured they were really just for me; frankly, I didn't think anyone else would be at all interested.  But I wanted to remember what we did each year - where we went, when we moved, where we worked, etc., etc..  But then I realized that I wanted to write this for my children.   I wanted them to maybe, just maybe, learn something from us.  Writing it down now is , perhaps, one of the most important things I can do for them.  Will they grow up to be wonderful, generous, God-loving, productive members of society because they read what we went through and what we learned each year?  Probably not.  But maybe it will help them in some small way to know that their parents are just fallible human beings like them and that we didn't always "know it all".   They need to know that we needed grace and patience and kindness just like everyone else does.   And maybe they will see a little of themselves written here and maybe then they will know that they need those things also.

Now go write your story and please tell me when and where to find it so I can read yours too!