Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Capture - Silence

I wasn't sure how to approach this week's photography assignment from Beth.  The Halloween part was easy enough but I thought it would be impossible to capture the Silence part unless I took pictures at midnight.  Our house is never quiet and so I figured I would have to leave the house in order to take pictures of silence.

But then, at 4:00 yesterday was uncharacteristically quiet in the house; it was time to get out my camera and go see what my munchkins were up to that was keeping them so hushed....

 The "plug" in her mouth was helping this one stay quiet.

 And this is the only time Landon is not making noise - sound asleep.
Look at that chocolate around his mouth!  This nap is surely the result of a sugar crash...
which leads us to...
... the second part of our assignment - Halloween


I'll be posting Our Story - Year Four a little bit later but for now I'm going to meet a friend for coffee!