Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Soccer Outtakes

I've been gone a couple days longer from this here blog than I usually am.  I couldn't get an internet connection on the desktop and I can't do anything with pictures on the laptop sooo... 

Oh! and I haven't had the motivation to edit any photos; so these you see are rather pitiful.

I'm a bit tired of soccer this year.   It has nothing to do with the games or practices, either, because that aspect of this season has been relatively easy.  It has more to do with the amount of pictures I've taken.  I've taken something like 700 soccer pictures this year.  (Not exaggerating)

I'm tired of looking at soccer pictures.   But these are funny.

Cameron and Parker are on different teams this year because there was too big a gap grade-wise between them this year.  Parker was going to get plowed over if he played on Cameron's team and Cameron would have been too big to play on Parker's team.  You can really tell a difference in the way each age plays the game:

Cameron's team (for the most part) plays with intensity and are competitve and give it their all.

Parker's team?...Not so much with the competition or intensity or ummm....enthusiasm?  

There are exceptions on both teams but for the most part these are generally what each set of team pictures look like each week. It's been a lot of fun watching them both as each team has gotten better over the  course of the season.  They're learning a lot about the game, they're learning scripture and, just as important, they're having fun. 

The two teams competing against each other have to pass by in a line and give each other high-fives after the game.  Parker's team and the team they played against were having so much fun hugging and high-fiving and chest-bumping each other that they ended up in a pile on the field.   Very cute.