Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Can I call you sometime?"

Today is May 11th.

Fourteen years ago, right about this time, I was getting ready for a first date.  How could I have known that that date would be my last first date?

He picked me up in his tan (he says) champagne colored 1980something Ford Escort with license plate "ABC YA".  *eye-roll*     I was probably wearing jeans and a white top - my almost everyday outfit (my mother once said that if I went missing and she had to tell the police what I was wearing, that even if she hadn't seen me that day, she could tell them I was wearing a white shirt and jeans or jean shorts).  

We went to The Fine Grind for coffee and someone was singing and playing the guitar. He bought me a single yellow rose from someone walking through the store selling flowers.  We went to Marshall's (?) to pick out a Mother's Day card for his mom (he's always been a last minute shopper).  Then we went to the theater and watched the new release Twister

We had spent the evening talking, asking questions and answering honestly, and laughing.  The evening ended with the most unforgettable kiss and a feeling of  forever.  

I love that feeling..