Friday, May 21, 2010

Scary Hair

I haven't been able to have even one uninterrupted thought today and so this is all I've got for today's Flashback.  See?  White shirt and jeans.  I love this picture for a couple of reasons.  Number One Reason:  This was the first time I had dyed my hair.  My mom helped me do it at home and when we first dyed it, it turned out pink. Pink would have been just as bad as this brassy auburn.    Number Two Reason:  Kristie!   Number Three Reason: I weighed 95 pounds in this picture and look at the size of my shirt!  Ridiculously oversized.  Number Four Reason:  It is evidence of how crazy my hair is.  It's not curly and it's not straight.  It's what I like to describe as werewolf hair.  

Lately I think of how much I need to a new haircut and how much I'm tempted to go Anne Lamott on y'all and do the white-girl dreads.