Friday, April 9, 2010

I'll miss you, Gertie! I'll never forget you.

I bought her in September 1996.  Buying her was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  She's been the most reliable, faithful little car EVER!!!  The only work we've had to have done to her is routine maintenance and a few minor repairs.  

My grandma and grandpa went with me when I bought her.  I needed him to cosign for me.  I should never have asked him to do that for me.  Thank you, Grandpa, for believing I would pay it off on my own!  She's been paid for now for more than 7 years!  She has 192,332 miles on the odometer!  I really wanted to be there when she celebrated 200k!

She transported me countless times from my mom's house in Acworth to Brian's parents' house in College Park while we were dating.  She took me to Knoxville, Tennessee after we got married and then back to the Atlanta area just a few months later.  

We've lived in 2 apartments, 2 rental houses and 2 houses with mortgages on them.  But she's been there the whole time.

She took us safely to Kennestone Hospital several times as we introduced new little people into our family.  But she was my first baby.

And I cried (am crying now) when Brian drove to work this afternoon in a different car.  

My baby brother will drive away in Gertie today.  I'm sorry, Gertie; you don't know what you're in for and you didn't do anything to deserve it!  ; )

Did you ever read Black Beauty?  She had many different owners.  Some treated her kindly, some abused her.  In the end, she ends up taken care of and loved by the son of a former owner.  

I can only hope that Gertie will survive until one day when I can pass her on to Cameron.
UPDATE: It looks like my sister-in-law will be driving her most of the time so that makes me feel better.

Name your cars, people.  Love them and they'll love you right back.


who didn't know I'd become quite so attached.