Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love Atlanta!

Last year, we had some friends ask us to help them with their second chiropractic office in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Greg has a thriving, reputable practice and wanted Brian to come and be a part of what's going on up there.  We love this couple.  We like Virginia.  The allure of financial stability is tempting.  Very tempting.

We told them we'd pray about it.  We would consider it.

At the end of summer, they came to visit her family here in Georgia and met us for ice cream one night.  They talked about how much they love it in Blacksburg.  They told us, "There's no traffic.  It's so quiet and laid back.  It's a wonderful place to raise a family."

That sounded nice.  Relaxing. 

But on our way home I realized something.

We would be bored out of our minds!

We lived in Knoxville, Tennessee for a minute and a half after we were married and couldn't believe that ,once football season is over, there is nothing to do there.   We were thankful to be back home just a few short months later.

I love this city!

Is there anything Atlanta doesn't have?

This city of mine has:
  1. Great food
  2. Rich history
  3. Fabulous music
  4. Art museums
  5. Science museums
  6. A world-class aquarium
  7. A beautiful river
  8. Two gorgeous lakes nearby
  9. The mountains
  10. NFL Falcons
  11. NHL Thrashers
  12. MLB Braves
  13. NBA Hawks
  14. WNBA Dream
  15. Six Flags over Georgia
  16. White Water
  17. Zoo Atlanta
  18. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens
  19. Fantastic schools
  20. The Atlanta Opera
  21. The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  22. Comedy clubs
  23. The ocean is not far away.
  24. The Gulf of Mexico is not far away.
  25. And, if you want to go further than that, it has Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
I know this looks like you've landed on the site for The Chamber of Commerce.  But I just have to say that I love it here!  

It took us an hour and a half to get to the game last night because I wanted to park in the Blue Lot.  But that just means that the boys got in an hour's nap before we kept them up late.

We gave up on the Blue Lot and ended up parking in a Mom 'n Pop auto repair place that uses their property as an impromptu parking lot on game nights.  But we still just paid ten bucks and only had an extra block to walk.

We got in an enormous line for tickets because we were with everyone else that got stuck in traffic.  But a Turner Field employee told us all about a $20 dollar/ 4 game deal that got us out of the line!  And now we have tickets for 4 to 3 more games this season!

So,...there's a trade off.  Traffic and crowds for a Chipper Jones game-winning homerun!  I think that's a trade I'm willing to make to live in a city that offers so much.

Jones headed into home.

  Our view from our 5 dollar seats!

Come on down!  The weather's fine!