Friday, April 2, 2010

Ghost of Easter Past

I tried to find some Easter pictures of us growing up.  I wanted to find at least one picture of one of my typical Easter ensembles:  hat, frilly gloves, lacy socks and dress.  All I can find are these pictures of Post-Frilly Rebekah.  Oh how I loved an Easter hat!  And my spring coats.  Because, in Detroit, everyone was definitely still wearing a coat in spring. 

Look at my poor cousin and I.  Matchy matchy.  
Right down to the necklaces.  Notice:  no coat.  These were taken in 1988? and 1990?  
After we had moved to Georgia.  Ahhhh!  Sunshine and warm weather.

Gosh!  That's some horrible perm!
But it's not as horrible as those Skidz the boys are wearing.  Hahahahaha!

Happy Easter, everyone!