Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best of 2009

The Nester is hosting a Linky Party about your favorite posts of the year. Here are mine:

Ragamuffin Garland
This one is especially for you Nester "birds" out there.

What a Bargain! Can You Throw in the Sign as Part of theDeal?

I've had a lot of fun blogging this year and reading all your blogs. Happy Blogging in 2010!



heidi said...

I love your "Best of" posts! And thanks for reading mine... I don't need any more boxes, thanks. I'm still trying to get rid of some of them now that I'm all moved! :-)

emily said...

Hi Rebecca - I saw your comment on another blog and couldn't find your email address. Here is a link to how to create a favicon

I didn't do mine myself so I have no idea how hard it is...but I've heard it's easy-ish. You could google favicon and find more, I'm sure.

Sorry to leave it in your comments :) And btw I love your Ragamuffin garland!!

Kim said...

Your best of was fun! I loved the Beautiful post and laughed at the Free Durt!