Sunday, December 27, 2009


I wanted to name this post: Just Yell "HELP!" Out the Window for Disaster Relief. But I knew I would feel guilty if someone who seriously needed disaster relief was misdirected by a Google search.

I'm calling this holiday mess - Hurricane Noel. And I'd say from the looks of it that she was close to a Category 4.

And it got even worse than these two pictures reveal because these were taken before our last gift collection. Don't worry, FEMA came in and helped clean up on Saturday.

Hello, just call this mama FEMA. It's nice to meet you. Oh! Brian helped, by-the-way; he did the kitchen.

And I have already begun taking down and storing the Christmas decorations. I don't usually do this until after January 1st but I was in a "putting things away" kind of mood (starting with the wrapping paper that was all over the dining room floor) and ended up taking down all the things off the mantle and I think I will take the tree and outside lights down tomorrow.

And in completely unrelated news:...

This was the turkey I cooked for Christmas Eve. Isn't she beautiful?

All my favorite bloggers (with the exception of Bye Bye, Pie!) have been taking a sort of Christmas holiday and I'm missing everyone. Hope you'll all be back in the groove real soon and if I don't see you before...

Happy New Year!


Joyce said...

I love the garnish around the turkey...gonna remember that to steal next time I cook a turkey. Which probably won't be for a while because I'm turkeyed out at the moment.

Your mess just means there was lots of husband got up early yesterday and immediately started vacuuming : )

I'm trying to get back to the blogs too...Happy New Year!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Hey! I found your blog hopping from another - and have enjoyed looking through your posts. Happy New Year!

The Duttons said...

You are brave to post pictures of the mess. I'm not sure I want to remember the mess! We're still unpacking boxes and bags and I'm hoping to have my house look a little more like itself this week.