Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

I was not looking forward to having to tell the boys who was elected President; they were both hoping for McCain and had "voted" for him at school. When they had asked Brian who he was voting for he had told them, "I'm voting for John McCain because he's more of a Christian than Mr. Obama; he believes more of the Bible." When P was told this morning that Obama had won, he cried! Since I nearly cried, myself, last night it was tough to pull it together in front of him. But I will be taking the advice that I gave him - that we need to pray for our new President: that God will show him the right thing to do and that God will protect him, especially since he is a daddy to two sweet little girls. God is who I follow first and foremost and He is in control. I want my children to respect and be proud of their President. And although I would have chosen someone else, I am excited to have our first black President. This is still fun to watch history in the making. So, Mr. President-elect, you have my prayers.

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Ali said...

I'm right there with you!!