Thursday, October 8, 2009


Wow! Sting just jumped into the #1 spot on my Concerts I Want to Go to Most List.

Because...check!...#1 - U2 got marked off on Tuesday night!

It was fabulous! The Georgia Dome was packed. The Dome seats over 70,000 and I dont' have a clue how many had spaces on the floor. I can't find a count on either of the major networks' sites or on AJC's site but they have amazing pictures. Not quite as amazing as my friend DeDe's pics, though! Her husband is a member of Third Day and they were there promoting The One Campaign along with Brooke Shields and Michael W. Smith just to drop some names.

The band that opened for U2 was MUSE. I had not heard of them until Tuesday. I know, I know. You Twilight fans have heard of them but I haven't read those books or seen the movie and I'm a DAVE FM listener not 99X so cut me some slack! Anyhow,... they were fabulous, too! Brian turned to me at one point and said, "U2 better bring it to keep up with these guys!" Whoever runs the whole thing from this control center/space station/laboratory is brilliant. Watching that show was like witnessing a great master painting his greatest work of art. It was beautiful!

This was my early birthday present from Brian and it will be holding the #1 slot of favorite gifts for a long time. Thank you, sweetheart!

Whatever this fan paid for her ticket was WELL worth it! Some of her friends boosted her up and Bono pulled her onto the bridge with him.
There are not many bands out there that incorporate so much of what they believe in into their shows and they do it with class. They're not afraid of what you think of them. They're going to stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves and they are always bringing some cause into the limelight.
This is what the stage looked like for Bloody Sunday. I thought alot about you, B, during this song. You're over there telling people about hope and about The Only One that true Hope comes from.
And speaking of this hope... The stage was red during Bono's version of Amazing Grace. His banner over me. I am so glad I could sing along and that I knew what those words meant and how they have been applied in my life. I love a reminder of what I was before, what I would be without Him and what He did out of so much love to change me.
a sinner saved by grace.


Travelin Fam said...

I saw U2 a few years back and loved it. Glad you had a great time. I would love to see Sting one day.

Joyce said...

Totally jealous!

The Thrashers said...

Looks awesome! I went to The Police concert when I was pregnant with was awesome. Definitely need to see it (or just Sting). :)