Friday, October 30, 2009

Philippians 2:14

Well, I think I've finally gotten this here blog to look about the way I want it to. I've gotten sucked into an HTML vortex this week trying to figure it all out. Most of the figurin' I had to do all by little lonesome 'cause the "tutorials" available are less than helpful if you're a moron like I am. They are assuming that I already know a little about what they are describing. Which I don't. And Paint.Net. Well, let's not even go there. NOT helpful. Not. one. little. bit.

Also, I want to say that I always wanted to be the house that the neighborhood kids felt comfortable in. You know, "The Hangout". But, lately, ... I've been greeting them at the door with my Grouchy Face on and yelling, "Hey! You pesky kids get off my lawn!" Well, I didn't really but that's what I wanted to do. So today when I heard some more of them headed this way, before my bugs could even get their back packs off, I intercepted them and shooed them home. And this woman has thoroughly enjoyed the last hour of peace and quiet. I know the other mothers are thinking, "Send 'em to the crazy lady's house so I can get some work done around here. She won't mind; she's already got four of her own. What are four more?" .... There was an old lady who lived in a shoe.... But I'm the only one left on our street with preschoolers who need a daily nap or they implode at precisely 5:43 p.m.. So, share the love, folks. Let my boys come over there now and then; they're good kids, I promise.

Lastly, this week was Red Ribbon Week at the boys' school. These were their ribbons:
The 1st one is so obviously wrong. "Peace Out" means basically, "I'm leaving. Love ya. Hope you have a great day." Right? Well, sorta. Anyhow. It does not mean, "No way. I don't want any part of you. Leave me alone." So, why would we want our kids to say "Peace Out" to drugs??? Okay. Next. "One Life. One Goal." Our singular life goal should be, "I didn't take drugs." ? We can't reach for the stars and at least hope to finish school or get a job or be influential in someone else's life? Let's just keep it simple and say, "My life has been successful because I didn't participate in the consumption of illegal substances." I'm not really standing on a soapbox over these silly ribbons; I just thought they were odd to say the least. And I'm just curious as to who came up with these slogans.

Gosh, that sure was complaining post. I try not to do that too often. I'm really not Ebenezer Scrooge. I spend at least 10% of my day doing something else.

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Joyce said...

I like the photo-is that your ring? Maybe thats an obvious question?

pc-ness has run amok. I'll leave it at that.

Enjoy your weekend!