Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend away with Him!

Well, everyone (all 3 of you!), I will be gone until Sunday night on a spiritual retreat and I can hardly wait! I have butterflies since I don't really know what to expect. Brian thoroughly enjoyed his retreat last weekend and I could tell he was overwhelmed by it all and I am eagerly anticipating being able to talk to him about our experiences!

A few of our friends and family are a little apprehensive about us doing this but I assure you all I won't come back wearing ankle length dresses with turtlenecks and no make-up! If I suspect the Kool-Aid is tainted I'll wait to see everyone else's symptoms before I drink it. (jk)

Seriously though, I have been wanting to get alone with my God to just focus on He and I for several years now and I can not wait to hear what He wants to say to me when there aren't any distractions - namely my 4 children, a house that's begging to be tidied, laundry that needs to be folded, facebook, blogs to read, etc., etc. .

I covet your prayers for me this weekend. That I will be open and attentive to His Voice and that I will most importantly just enjoy time "alone" with my Love! (I John 4:6-21)

Pray for Brian and the kids, too! How can they possibly survive 3 whole days without me! *laughing out loud,... snort... oh! sorry...*

See you Monday!

for my debriefing on my weekend go here.

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Anne Marie said...

I have five children, and I cry when I go for the day!! (lol)

Glad to meet you btw....