Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break

We had lots of good intentions for activities for Spring Break but the weather put a damper on our plans - literally. We did manage to get in a trip to the zoo, a movie and a sleepover for Parker. Monday, Tuesday and Friday were chilly and/or wet so the boys played video games and we rented a movie Thursday night. Since there were only a couple of days of sun we weren't the only ones at the zoo Thursday. There were no parking spaces in either lot so we ended up parking at a friend's house about a block away; it turned out to be a good decision - not having to wait for a space or to get out of a crowded lot when we were ready to leave. The highlight of the day was finding a caterpillar and everyone but Anna wanted to hold it. Landon was so cute; he was cracking up the whole time because it was tickling his arm. This was the first time he got to go into the petting zoo. He was so cute telling the zoo volunteer to be quiet because the pig was sleeping! "Shhh...pig seeping." in his sweet little whisper.

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