Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lone Survivor ... So Far

Captain's Log:

Stardate December 29th, 2010.

I will write about Christmas and post pictures from that happy day some day.

But right now there is only agony.  Vomit and agony and gloom and despair.

Since December 6th someone in my family has thrown up every other day - which is why I haven't blogged hardly at all in a month.   I have disinfected, washed, cleaned and taken at least one to the doctor (who said he thought we were probably done with it and offered the advice to treat their bellies like volatile volcanos) and nothing has helped.

I am the lone survivor.  Six out of seven of us have had this particular ailment at least once each and Anna and Landon have had it three times.

Every time someone asks, "How are you all doing?" or "Is everyone finally done throwing up?" then someone else throws up!  It's like this bug is lying in wait...lurking behind shadows...and when it hears its name mentioned...IT   POUNCES  on its next victim!!!!  I think its out to get me and it won't stop picking on everyone else until it has me in its calamitous clutches.

I think I hear it now...creeping around like Gollum...................*shudder*

The light at the end of my tunnel is fading fast...Is it hopeless?

Vomit and agony and gloom and despair.