Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Summary

This will be the shortest Christmas post in blogland because, quite frankly, I don't feel like dragging it out because I'm ready for 2011!   Year 2010 was wonderful, don't get me wrong, but it will be nice to have a fresh start.  Ya know what I mean, jelly bean?!

My mom puts a little treat in the advent calendar for each of them to open everyday.
 Landon turned this Christmas paper wrapping paper tube into 1.) a sword 2.) a gun 3.) a telescope and 4.) a horse.

 Parker saying the blessing before Christmas Eve dinner.
We were supposed to do Christmas Eve with my side of the family at our house but one of us had been sick just the day before and we couldn't afford to give that nasty bug to one of my frail grandparents so we cancelled.

Cameron and Parker opening up presents on Christmas Eve.
My aunt and uncle were brave enough to quickly drop the kids' presents off.

Obviously I didn't take this one, Mom did.  We didn't get our picture taken on Thanksgiving like we usually do but I love this one of all of us in our Christmas clothes.

We felt like everyone was feeling well enough to go for a little while to Brian's parents' house for Christmas and we didn't stay very long and kept them away from his granny.   Brian's sister, Lisa, always comes over from London to visit.  Unfortunately, because we had been sick we didn't get to have a Scrabble Smackdown rematch.  I'm the reigning champ, from earlier this year, thanks to Brian suggesting I put down "lad" as my last move!

And the most fun of all was had the day after Christmas because we got snow in Atlanta on Christmas Day!
I've lived here in Georgia for 23 years and never had even snow flurries on Christmas so I felt like a kid again.

And the [pants] were all hung by the chimney with care...
in hopes of drying them out so we could go back outside and  play some more!

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