Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Prestigious Award

Joyce gave me a blog award the other day. The Happy 101 Award. It's given to someone who brightens your day. What a sweet compliment! You're supposed to list 10 things that make you happy and then give the award to other bloggers who brighten your day. I didn't post mine right away; not because I couldn't think of anything that makes me happy but because I wasn't sure I could narrow it down to just 10 things! I don't want to overthink this so I'm going to try to list just the first 10 things that come to mind.

1. Trying on cocktail dresses. I adore dressing up and I love walking through formal sections in department stores. When I have time, I just like to try a few things on just for fun. It is a very rare event, indeed, when I would get the opportunity to wear such a thing but it just makes me feel special. In fact, one time I did this and found the most gorgeous little black dress and it looked incredible on. When I checked the price tag it was on sale but I didn't have the money for it at the time. But I kept going back to that store and even tried it on again. About a month later, I was in that store again (this time with money) and couldn't resist looking for that dress. Lo and behold! It was marked down to $60.00! It was originally priced at $180.00! I bought it even though I didn't have anything to wear it to but knew I couldn't pass that up. I've only worn it once so far to the opera but I know I'll get lots of use out of it. ... Eventually.

2. Mexican food. Oh how I love a chicken burrito and some queso and spanish rice!

3. Taking pictures. My grandfather teases me about how many pictures I take.

4. The beach! Any beach! But some of my favorites have been Bahia Honda State Park, Amelia Island and Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico.

5. Finding a great deal. See #1.

6. Music. I LOVE music. All genres. Well, except country or bluegrass and death metal. I went through a stage where I liked country music but after two years it started to get on my nerves. Sorry, y'all. Remember? I'm from Detroit originally and so it just isn't in my blood even though the rest of me has been Southernized.

7. Sleep. Glorious sleep. Do you think God will still let us take naps in heaven?

8. Doing something for someone else without them knowing who did it. Anonymity is a wonderful thing.

9. My big family. I can't imagine living in a quiet house. One day when the kids are all grown and moved away I'll just have to play videos of them running through the house to satisfy this part of me.

10. Blogging and reading all your blogs. What you write makes me very happy.

And so here is the 2nd part of this award: Passing it on.

I know I'm not supposed to hand it back to the one who gave it to me but...
- Joyce, your encouraging comments make my day!
- Joanne, I hope you never get tired of me saying that I think you're an incredible writer.
- June from Bye, Bye, Pie! The year 2009 will go down as the year I have never laughed so hard. And a lot of that has to do with the comments, too.
- Emily at Chatting at the Sky. For sharing your perspective and encouraging us to look closer.
- Bee. I know you've been busy and haven't been able to post much these last few months but when your name jumps to the top of my blogroll fireworks go off in my brain! Hurry back and tell us all about what's been going on.
- My friends, Barbara, Shana, Kristy, Laynie and Stephanie, I can't get enough pictures of you and your little ones.

Now my hands are sticky from copying and pasting all those links.



Joyce said...

#1 is great : )

Naps are a beautiful thing...surely we'll nap in heaven.

Off to check out your happy blogs...I love Bye Bye Pie but I don't think I've been to any of the others.

Glad you posted!

Anonymous said...

Joyce is super encouraging! Yay, Joyce! What would we do without her?
I love naps, too. I just don't get them.
But I love when my boys nap. Best time of the day!

Jo@Mylestones said...

You know what makes me happy? YOU!! You're so encouraging, whether I deserve it or not, and I just love you for it.
Also? I'm with you on lovin' the beach. How bout you visit a northern beach (in the summer, of course, not now, that would be dumb). Anyway, I'll host if you can make it this far north!

Cha Cha said...

Oh how I hope there are naps with warm fuzzy blankets in Heaven and naps on warm sandy beaches. I love you list, it made me smile. God Bless

Marla said...

Congratulations and loved your ten! Going to check out your picks now ....