Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just a Little Bloggy Business to Attend To

My husband is my HERO!!!!    After being frustrated for days from fiddling with DISQUS and trying to figure out how to patch this new Comment Format into my blog he with one simple click figured it all out for me!   He now wants to be known as "The Blog Master" and wants me to address him as such all day tomorrow.  Which I will do gladly.

Anyhow, I have a new comment format and I am going to love it and hope that you will too!   You can leave a comment as a guest but it really only takes the quickest little moment to register with DISQUS and then you don't have to mess with it again and it will make commenting that much easier and quicker.  With DISQUS I will be able to reply to your comments and you'll be able to reply to other commenters as well.   It will actually be like a real-live conversation! 

So, please, comment away!!!   Let me know what you think of it.