Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Wow! How did I manage to forget a Christmas blog?! We had a wonderful time with our families and the kids. Anna was especially sweet this year! For weeks she'd been talking about taking Santa some popcorn so we waited 3 hours at North Point Mall to give him his popcorn present and to get their picture taken! But not without incident! I'm just glad that other Mommy in line saw my Anna girl before she got too far and hung onto her until one of us found her! I may need one of those tracking systems for this one!

Our annual family picture. I told everyone to make a silly picture first so I could get a serious one next but I ended up liking the silly one even better!

Decorating Christmas cookies at Aunt Robin's house.

Visiting Santa at North Point Mall. We (Brian) had to wait 3 HOURS! Next year we'll make an appointment at Perimeter!

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

"Anna Banana Montana" rockin' it out!

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Christi said...

Have you seen the Perimeter Santa??? We went there a few years ago for that same reason and I'm sad to say, I was really disappointed. I didn't like the background and the santa was a little funny looking. God's gonna get me for that!! If I can find the picture, I'll send it to you. I'm gald you guys had a great Christmas and it was good seeing you last week and having sweet Anna in my SS class. Happy New Year!! Hope to see you again...SOON!!