Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tag!... I'm "IT".

Christi Hain "blog tagged" me last week. So here are 5 random things about me. That is, if I can think straight today.

1. One of my major pet peeves is when people use an apostrophe when spelling plural nouns. For example: "Merry Christmas from The Smith's" or "There were 85 ladybug's in the house". To properly spell a plural noun you don't need the apostrophe. For example: "Six dogs ran through the yard." An apostrophe is to show possession or conjunctions. For example: "That is Mary's house." or "Waiter, there's [there is] a fly in my soup." This is 3rd grade grammar. Sheesh!

2. I have an overactive imagination.

3. I quite often leave an event or gathering thinking, "Gosh! Did my voice get really loud or am I imagining that it got really loud?" If I'm talking especially loud and you notice, please save me from myself and tell me to tone it down. : )

4. I gave birth to three of my four children without the use of an epidural or drugs! I love the looks on people's faces when I tell them that.

5. I love blogging because it gives me an outlet to vent, brag, or otherwise run my "mouth" and saves me from doing these things quite so often in public settings. So, even if no one reads this crazy thing, then at least I've been able to get it off my chest. A journal of sorts.

Okay! Now I tag,...Stephanie, Leah, Hollie and Ali.


Christi said...

regarding #4.....WHY?????

Travelin Fam said... how did I miss that you had a blog. Now I can virtually stalk you. Thanks for you sweet encouragment. (Oh and you sound like my mom with your grey hair thing). Love and miss you