Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - 01/11

Ugh.  I had such a horrible time getting my exposure right today.  I kept fogging up the viewfinder and couldn't see what I was doing!  Oh well.  Here's what I got when my hands weren't frozen.

We woke up to this:  6 inches of snow in the ATL.
More than I've seen here since 1993.

Breakfast included hot chocolate

Out to play just as soon as we could get bundled up

Boys from neighborhood climbing the hill in front of our house
It makes for an excellent ski slope ... if only you have the right equipment.
We only have pool toys and laundry baskets and they don't work so well.

I stepped out on the porch for a brief moment for this one

After my 2.27 mile run in my new sneaks (on the treadmill... inside... where it's warm and dry)

What can I say?
She always makes it in here somewhere; she's an easy subject.

Only out for about 6 minutes but came back in frozen and having flashbacks from my childhood in Detroit.
This wasn't typical soft snow.  I had to punch my feet through the layer of ice on top with each step.
*Pop! Crunch!  Pop!  Crunch!*

Four-wheel drives don't work on ice, dude.
This looks like slush but it's frozen solid and jagged; if you had run your hand along it you might have cut yourself.
He didn't make it any further than 1/2 way up the hill before he put it in reverse and tried another way - 
an even more steep hill.  Wonder if he ever made it out of the neighborhood?

Daddy's home, too.
Time for video games

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