Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Law of Averages

I'm bored.  January Blahs.  Blech!  Patooey!  Rain and clouds, meh.  

I've been feeling less than stellar over the last couple days.   January started out so promising.  But I get easily discouraged and I'm horribly impatient.  

I feel like I am mediocre.  Average.  Sometimes a little less than average. 

I often feel overwhelmed at the amount of knowledge or talent or charm that I do NOT possess.  Like it is the Kilimanjaro of a learning curve and all I'm equipped to climb with is a pair of flip-flops and a water bottle.  

That won't get me very far.

But there are days where I feel I can DO more, BE more than I am even capable of imagining.   That God has great BIG gnarly plans for me.

Today just isn't one of them.   *fizzle*

This feeling will go away though.  Soon enough.  It's good to know that it's just the January Blahs that I'm feeling and that it isn't permanent.  I need sunshine and to get out of the house.  

It helps that I've spent so much time with friends lately.   I had coffee and went to IKEA with my friend Callie on Thursday.  I met Elisha for lunch on Friday.   Kristie came over for a few hours on Monday.  On Friday I'll go over to Callie's house for "Muffins and Makeovers"!  *can't wait!*   And Saturday night I have a "girl date" with Kristin!  Don't know what we'll do yet but it won't matter 'cause just sitting in a parking lot eating  a hamburger with Kristin would be fun!   Now I just need to figure out how to get all these gals together in one place now and then and throw in some of my other favorite girls into the mix!  I foresee a girls' getaway in my future.  

But I will try to do more with this here blog or Shana will pinch me again to get working on it from 10,000 miles away!   Love you, lady!   LOTS  and   LOTS!!!

All these mediocre pictures were taken in the last 14 days.  Enh.  *1/2 shoulder shrug*