Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Some of you know that I have been working semi-hard to lose some weight and get into the greatest shape I've ever been in (which wouldn't be hard considering I've never been in good shape). Part of the problem in getting this way in the past is because I've realized that I reward my myself for healthy habits with food! For example: "Oh! I've been so good this week; worked out 3 times and ate mostly healthy at lunch and dinner! I think I'll go order a Frisco-melt, cheese fries, an enormous Coke and a chocolate/orange side-by-side shake from Steak 'N Shake!" Needless to say, any strides I had made during said week are viciously erased by a saboteur - myself!

Well, now that I have had this "revelation" I've been trying to come up with various healthy ways of rewarding myself for good behavior. Unfortunately, most of what I have come up with involve cold hard cash; of which, I have very little.

One of the things I've been contemplating is waiting to cut my hair (that I've been growing out to donate) until I've lost the complete 10 pounds I set out to lose. Can I tell you that this has been extremely difficult?! I love changing my hair and can hardly stand for it to be this long and bo-o-oring and I'm ready to whack it all off and tattoo beautiful pictures onto my bald head instead of it looking like it does. I thought this waiting would be motivation to do better and get rid of these last 2 and a half pounds but I completely set myself back this weekend and tonight with chicken mushroom lasagna from Maggiano's and Arby's curly fries! Aaurghhhh!!! (No, I did not eat them together! Saturday night and Wednesday night respectively - just thought I would clear that up or there would be rumors spreading that I'm pregnant again - which I am DEFINITELY NOT!)

Anyhoo, I'm telling you all this to hold me accountable for what goes in my mouth!

... At least until I get my hair cut! *wink wink*

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