Friday, March 20, 2009

The Usual

I feel like I should be posting something this week but, honestly, there isn't much to report. We have been doing the usual things: boys at school, Brian at work, I'm on the treadmill and on Facebook, breakfast, watching Nick Jr., lunch, boys home from school, 1 to 4 extra kids in the house to play several afternoons this week, dinner, American Idol/Biggest Loser/Hell's Kitchen, bed... repeat 7 times.


I guess I'm bored a bit. But ... this really is how I like my life... really. I don't have anything to complain about though I hope I won't grumble if I do. I want to enjoy the "quiet." I know one of these days there are going to be hectic schedules or struggles or pain to deal with and I don't want to rush through this wonderful time into those things. This is time to prepare for that, right?

To rest, to enjoy. To learn, to grow. To serve, to give (even if there isn't much to give).

Now... on to the treadmill!

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