Thursday, March 5, 2009

Painting with Anna

I took Anna to Just Fired, a pottery painting place, today and we had a great time! We have been needing to get out, just she and I, for awhile. Every now and then I take just her with me to the store but we rarely do anything just for fun together. She loves drawing, painting, cutting and gluing... Anything "artsy" so I knew she would like something different like this. It was a little difficult for me to just let her do her own thing and paint it however she wanted but I'm glad I didn't interfere in her project. I let her pick out the pottery pieces that we were both going to paint and I let her pick out the colors for her project and the colors for mine also. Naturally, she ended up using all the colors, hers and mine, and the lady helping brought her one extra color, too. I can hardly wait to see the end result. She used every drop of paint available to her and I'm sure her piece probably ended up twice the original size because of the amount of paint on it! We're going to have to make this a regular activity and choose lots of different kinds of things to paint over the next few years. Lots of fun!

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