Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Capture - Smile

Assignment this week from Beth: Smile.  Beth has had a rough week and so I hope everyone's pictures will put a smile on her face and encourage her.

I thought about taking pictures for this assignment of things that make me smile.  But that would be an incredibly long post!  We were on Spring Break last week and there were lots of smiles to capture and so I'll post some of my favorites.

I'm glad that I took a picture of him smiling at the beginning of our bowling game because by the 4th frame Cameron was doing his usual pouting about not being perfect.  I sure hope that one day he learns how to have fun while playing games.

Look at this sweet little messy smile!
Why won't my own children look at my camera like my nephew does?

Instead I get vacant expressions and goofiness (at least from the boys).  
Still a cute picture though with Lisa visiting from London!

Anna is just about choking her Nana but I'm glad Dixie is loving that big squeeze!

I love Mom smiling in the background at Parker.