Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've started really looking forward to the 10th each month!  I like not knowing exactly what my day holds and then being able to look back on it when it's all over.  The anticipation of the day and wondering what kind of pictures I'll be taking is a lot of fun!

6:40 - Time to wake up.  But I'd MUCH rather still be in bed!

7:25 - Getting ready for school

8:15 - Getting some preschool homework done 

9:00 - Giving Daddy kisses before going in to school
And then Daddy and I went on a Breakfast Date!!!
I love Thursday mornings!

10:15 - After a big breakfast someone (ahem!) is ready for a nap

11:00 - Is that a wee bit of blue sky I see?

12:00 - Picked up Landon from preschool and stopped at the park before we went home

1:15 - Doing a little "location scouting" for future photo sessions

2:30 - Big kids are home from school

4:00 - Brrrr!  It's chilly out here but at least there are signs of spring!

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