Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playdate with Duttons

We had a great time playing at the Duttons' house today. A loves her friend. It amazes me whenever three year olds can play well together! They are so different from eachother and I hope they'll always bring out the best in one another. Will they be close friends 10 years from now? Twenty? I sure hope so but only God knows. I'm just glad we've captured some memories of them to show them later. It will all pass by much too quickly.

Sweet M K picking flowers for her mommy.

L with his cheeks stuffed with goldfish crackers!


The Duttons said...

Facebook and now a blog! I'm impressed. Love that picture of Macy - can you send it to me? I need to post some. I'm usually leery of posting someone else's children on the blog unless I know they do it too.

The Duttons said...

Ok, so I just saved the picture from your blog. Just a temporary lapse in intelligence.