Monday, December 3, 2012

Anna's New Room

Project number 4 is complete!  Anna's room probably cost a little more than the boys' rooms but I still managed to makeover her room for around $350.  I didn't need to replace any of her furniture and some odds 'n' ends like the butterflies hanging from her canopy were things I already had on hand and my mom had the pink desk chair at her office.   Anna and I both love how it turned out and I think the purple and bright pink matches her personality so much better.  The room reflects her more now than it before when I made all the decisions about how it would look.  She will enjoy this much more and that makes me very happy!



$60 - paint
$18 - sheet set
$60 - new ceiling fan and light

 $52 - cubeical
$15 - canvases and 2 bags of buttons for wall art
$16 - tulle fabric for canopy & fabric to recover hope chest
$22 - rug


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