Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Capture - Water

It's been so long since I posted and I feel like this post is just me repeating myself from what I've already shared on facebook but oh well.  Maybe this post will help me get back to blogging.

Last weekend we were invited by our friends Chris and Vicki to spend the weekend with them and their kids at her parents' house on Lake Wedowee.  Brian asked me if we had anything already planned and when I consulted the All-Knowing Calendar it showed Saturday afternoon and Sunday completely plan free!  We were able to find a substitute teacher for our Sunday School class and as soon as I could pack a bag for us we were gone.  

My kids are not good swimmers and Cameron is a little bit afraid of the water but, eventually, we convinced him to ride on a jet ski with Brian and he ended up loving it!  I drove a jet ski for the first time and I think I might be a little bit addicted.  It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends.  

The only downside was realizing at 4pm that The All-Knowing Calendar is highly susceptible to user error.  It turns out that I was supposed to be decorating my room at church for VBS that day!  I had completely forgotten.  Oh well, it also turns out that it was a good thing that I didn't go overboard trying to decorate because 2nd grade boys can turn anything into a weapon and they haven't had much to hurt each other with except for their hands.  ; )

Now, on to the pictures of our weekend!